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The Colors of your Life

I went for a walk on this beautiful Autumn day taking photographs of the natural flora on our property. I wanted to gather colors for use in design. It was deeply enjoyable. This is the result...

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A Growing Peace...

There is a growing peace in my life.

This is God centered first, but the path we are being led down, and the choices we've made have had an effect.

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The Real History of Ivermectin - 2021-09-02

Here is a Nobel lecture presented by Satoshi Omura in 2015 that gives an in depth description of what Ivermectin is, how it was discovered, its many years of successful treatment globally, and its wide variety of uses.

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Hearing God for Others - 2021-08-29

When you know how to hear Gods love for you, you can hear Gods love for others. That channel you access to hear Him, can be accessed to hear His heart for other people.

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