Summer Time

I love our property in the summer. This is the second summer we have been on this property, and there is something magical about it. The flora grows up so much around the border, that our entire property disappears from outside view. My parents came out to visit, and couldn't find us at first, because all that is visible is a small unassuming driveway, and a wall of green.

We set up chairs by the garden and talked about everything. Then I took them for a walk through the recently cleared field. Because we wanted to live as simply as possible when we moved here, I cleared the entire field with a Austrian scythe. I purchased it from a small company in the northeastern U.S. before we moved, had it fitted to my body, and learned how to keep the hand made blade peened and razor sharp. I've been cutting with the bush blade about 30 minutes a day, which is enough to keep our non forested area clear.

The garden, which is enclosed by alder posts cut from the property, fencing, and bird netting on one end, looks like a cross between a primitive solar punk shelter, and an experiment in no till gardening. I tied together a grid of cords which is slowly becoming a wall of peas as the vines seek more and more space to grow. My wife and I sat and ate at the picnic table by the wall of peas the other day, and felt a whole lot of peace and gratitude.

I built a makeshift wood fired tub next to the upper stream. I placed a large metal animal watering tub on a slight incline, dug a fire pit in the front, and a smoke channel all the way up the middle, exiting at the other end. I am fairly astonished how well it works. I was concerned the fire might damage the metal, but when it is filled with water, it diffuses the heat enough so that the metal never reached damaging heat levels. I have filled it with stream water, and had a hot bath outside 3 times so far. Its one of my favorite things ever. The first time, the owls were calling to each other in the dark, as I sat in the steaming water.

There are of course the continual struggles with the county in the background, as they are quite frustrated that we live so simply, and entirely off grid. My cynicism toward modern government has grown significantly in the last two years as I have learned more about how they operate. It is my current belief that 20% of what they do is necessary, and the other 80% is all activity designed to perpetuate and grow their bureaucracy through extortionary policy making. But Pareto could have told us this long ago. Currently, unless we show regular “progress” toward a conventional house with all of the environmental damage which comes with that, they threaten to chase us off our own land. Strange that they think this is right. Forcing people off of their own rural land for not living in a structure with a concrete foundation.

But the stream is flowing, and the sound of the waterfall is a reliable source of peace. We still haven't seen the small river which borders the bottom of the property line, as the flora is so thick we have been unable to get to it. Its something I wantto do before the summer ends.

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