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    tl;dr -
    The internet, like the printing press, frees the flow of
    information, and causes destabilization of existing power
    structures through displacement of gate keepers.
    That "liberty wave" is hitting the political/banking
    establishment now, and they are doing everything they can
    to stay in control.

  The wave started in earnest in the late 90's.
  As it moved across different parts of culture, it did what all
  liberty waves do, it broke apart centralzied power structures.
  The first one that the general population noticed was the music

  There, two things occured:
     1. the distribution and consumption of music increased.
     2. the centralized control of music diminished.

  Those whose fortunes were based on centralzied control, were very
  unhappy. Those who wanted their music to be heard, were not.

  This serves as a case example of what the internet liberty wave
  does to each system it encounters. It demolishes existing control
  structures, and returns much of that power to the people. We have
  more examples to consider:

     The document industry.
     The publishing industry.
     The movie industry.
     The advertising industry.

  There are more, but this serves to illustrate that there is an
  observable pattern that has occured each place the internet wave
  has rolled over.

  The evangelical philosopher Francis Schaffer described what he
  called the "Line of Despair". This was the line, according to
  Schaffer, upon which all new ideas entered culture. He claimed all
  new ideas enter the philosophers sphere first, and if the idea took
  hold, it would move into the artists sphere. And then the
  entrepenurial sphere. Then the big business sphere.
  And finally the administrative sphere. Personally, I think Shaffer
  was wrong to label this as a negative thing. I would call it the
  Line of Ideas. It is neither negative, nor positive. It is simply a
  function of society.

  To bring this into a more practical view, ideas originate in the
  groups where that generations decision making is centered. In this
  generation, I would say that was early Silicon Valley. The Valley
  is largely corporate now, but it wasnt. In the early 2000's, it was
  the center of the world. All new ideas of what the world would look
  like were centered there. And as it grew in influence, the artists
  came. The artists created all kinds of new technology centered art.
  Then came the entrepeneurs. Alot of them. And this led to Big
  Business, and is now giving way to the administrators.
  Or perhaps better labeled, bureaucrats.

  I say all this to lead up to this point...

  Right now, the internet liberty wave is crashing through the
  bureaucratic world. And this means, the political world, and the
  banking world. Or, the real centers of societal control. And as
  with all systems before it, the bureaucratic system is doing all it
  can to maintain control, as it slips from their fingers.

  But perhaps the most interesting part of all of this is learning
  what the levers of control are for the bureaucratic establishment.
  With the music industry, as they were being disrupted, we learned
  that it was controling distribution. Because music had been largely
  analog up until that point, the people who could control the
  distribution of each record, or CD, could control the whole
  industry. So it is with the bureaucrats. And there lever of power
  is information itself. Or more specifically, media.

  Before the internet wave, all media was centralized. It was
  controled by just a few media companies. Today, the entire
  corporate media is controlled by just 6 companies. What most people
  dont realize is that the Political and Banking world survive by
  being able to control what people percieve. Our entire economy is
  not based on the dollar, it is based on the perception of what the
  dollar is, and how much value it has. The political world is
  likewise based on public perception. What most people dont grasp,
  is the political world, the corporate media world, and the banking
  world, are all the same machine. They have different faces, but
  they are the same beast. And this beasts continued power relies
  ENTIRELY on controlling public perception. I could be argued that
  there was a greater integriy that motivated this world in times
  past, but I question the validity of even that statement. I think
  most people would be suprised to learn just how many things they
  believe about their history, especially in the U.S.A., are in fact
  crafted narratives, for the purpouse of controling public

  Be that as it may, what we are learning now, as the levers of power
  for the political/banking/media world are being shaken by the
  internet wave, we are learning how far they are willing to go to
  keep power within their grasp. And to summarize what we are
  learning, they will lie their asses off. And I mean, BIG lies.
  Without hesitation.

  Put it another way, what President Eisenhower called the Military
  Industrial Complex, is a merger of the Political World, the Banking
  World, and the Media world. Sure soldiers fight their wars for them
  but the real decisions are made in this sphere alone. And as their
  control is being shaken, they are turning all their intent toward
  undermining the thing that is causing the shaking... the free flow
  of information on the internet.

  This has happened before you know. Its not a new phenomenon, or a
  new idea. This same shaking occured 500 years ago with the
  invention of the printing press. As the centralized powers that
  controlled the flow of information (at that time the Monarchies and
  the Roman Catholic Church) lost their ability to control what
  people read, they began to fight back. At first they would try to
  discredit publishers. Then they moved to discrediting them, and
  destroying their printing presses... or what we would call today,
  "deplatforming". Then they got smarter, and tried buying off or
  threatening publishers into speaking well of the Monarchies and the
  Church in what they printed. The publishers that were compliant,
  would be promoted by the establishment. This phenomenon is
  particulally visible in Facbook, Youtube, and Twitter. These
  platforms used to be freedom centered. Even socially revolutionary.
  But now, they do the establishments bidding, and enforce their
  desires, censoring anything that contradicts the establishments
  desired narrative. It is no coincidence that so many political
  campaign activists and former corporate media employees went to
  work for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other Big Tech firms, after
  Hillary Clintons loss in 2015. It was, and is, a focused attempt to
  regain control of the flow of information.

  If at this point, you are thinking that this is a discussion about
  Trump vs. Clinton, you are missing the point. Entirely. Neither of
  them matter in this discussion. Nor does their charachter. What
  matters is the observation of what the bureaucrat establishment
  will do, to stop the loss of power that is resulting from the
  freeflow of information across the internet. And there is no
  question that Hillary Clinton was the establishments choice to keep
  the ball rolling and the gravy train flowing at that time. Trump
  may have been extreme, or even unstable in both word and action.
  But it is quite clear that he was not the establishments choice.
  This is the point of including them at all in this discussion.

  An interesting part in all of this is the response of the people.
  As it was 500 years ago, you see some people wanting to preserve
  the status quo establishment. Those people would join in the
  smearing of printers for "distributing dangerous ideas". Some
  Monarchies even established "Fact Checkers" of sorts, to combat
  those who spoke out about the tyranny of the Crown. Did some
  printers print inaccuracies? Probably. What is more important is
  the historical pattern we can see being repeated.

  As it was then, much of what we see and hear now is slanted and
  needs to be questioned. Even though many people seem to be content
  to be led to "choose a side", without fully understanding what is
  really happening around them and why, its important for thinking
  people to stay alert and realize that much of what is presented as
  "opposing sides" are actually a part of the same apparatus. The
  consequences are high for missing whatis really happening in a
  larger context. Now, as it was then, estabishment power creates
  labels to discredit their detractors. Back then, they called them
  "Anarchists, or Satanists, or Protestant Revolutionaries against
  the Church and the Crown. Today they are called "Far Right,
  Far Left, Anarchist, Domestic Terrorist, or Russian Bot". Its all
  the same. As the free flow of information now threatens the control
  of power structures, we see the patterns just like they did 500
  years ago.

  So. In the time ahead, we can expect to see the establishment come
  up with all kinds of ways to combat the freedom of the internet. It
  is in their vested interest to do so. And while they still fear the
  perception of the people, they fear the loss of power even more.
  They will claim their loss of power is "the loss of democracy". It
  isnt. They will claim "our economy is collapsing". It isnt. Their
  economic control is collapsing. They are collapsing.

  As we move forward, unless you are one of those who wishes for
  their establishment to stay in control, it will become increasingly
  important to liberate yourself from dependency on their systems.
  FLOSS software, Crypto currency, offgrid technology, growing your
  own food, all of these things will become increasingly important.
  And perhaps the most important, community with like minded people,
  anda belief in something or Someone larger than yourself...