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  We have overcomplicated some things.
  It seems in our striving for improvement, we have instead brought
  so much complexity to what we do, that it has become difficult to
  maintain. Because I believe that the key to changing the world is
  to first change yourself, I am trying to bring a greater degree of
  simplicity to what I do, how I do it, and why I do it.

  For the last 3 years, my wife and I chose to live very simply.
  We reduced our number of belongings dramatically, and began to
  focus on having things, and doing things that that are meaningful.
  We were blessed to be able to purchase a small peice of rural
  property, and I have dedicated much of my time over the last three
  years to learning the technical and physical requirements for live
  entirely off grid. As I write this, we are but one month away from
  taking the plunge, and moving full time into a simple, meaningful,
  offgrid life. But this process has been holistic. So much baggage,
  both physically, and emotionally has been stripped away. And what
  remains, is something simple, meaningful, and new.

  Over time, I expect that this simple site will be filled with ideas
  experiments, guides, and both failures and successes. But right now
  as the sun comes up, I am soaking in the peace.