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Hearing God for Others - 2021-08-29


There is no bureacracy in the Spirit. The Spirit moves in Faith, Hope, and most importantly, Love. In my experience, the key to knowing who you are in God, is knowing how much God loves you. In fact, I suspect that until you forget caring about who you are, and whay your title is, you cant really be transformed into who you are in God. It is His love for you that defines you. And to experience that, you need to abandon self effort and trying to prove yourself worthy.

To hear the heart of God for someone else, which is the Spirit of prophesy, you first need to know His heart. And to know His heart, you must first experience His heart for you. You must see first hand how forgiving He is. How Kind. You need to be personally amazed by just how much God wants to bless you. It has to take you by suprise. You need to be humbled by the relentless hammering persistence of His absolute love for you. In that space, you learn how to hear His voice. His voice is personal. It is kind. As you learn to trust that voice you begin to see yourself in a different way. And you begin to become who you were meant to be.

When you know how to hear Gods love for you, you can hear Gods love for others. That channel you access to hear Him, can be accessed to hear His love for others.

But here is where it gets weird. Because God is weird. You don't believe me? Then you dont know God. God is weird. His sense of humor is weird. I once prayed that God would show me His sense of humor. Let me tell you... you want to laugh, pray that prayer. But be careful... God has been known to enjoy a practical joke or two. But I digress... I was once praying for someone, and I stopped to listen in that place of love that I have come to know. As I did, I suddenly smelled horses, and the outdoors. It was only for a second. I wasnt sure what to make of it. But I risked looking foolish, and asked the person,"So... do you by chance do something with horses?" Turns out, this persons real passion in life was training horses. She was trying to figure out what to do in life. She was good at many things, but she never thought that perhaps what God had for her was what she loved most. Some might try to explain this away and suggest that maybe I smelled what was on her clothes. Yeah, No. This wasnt a faint smell. This was like I was standing outside in a horse training corral. Or maybe you smelled something on the air. Yeah, No. I was inside a stone building with all the doors and windows shut. This is what I am trying to get at.... the language of God to you is based on love, and based on His relationship with you. It is a language that exists between just you and Him. His love encompases all of who you are. Even what you consider your flaws. And He will speak love to you through all of the quirky parts of you.

I was once standing outside a garden moving a chicken coop. As I stood there, I heard in the distance a slightly out of tune piano playing a folk song. The breeze moved through the trees, I saw a white picket fence, and an American flag blowing in the breeze. On most days, that would mean nothing. But on this day, what I felt in my Spirit was a love for America. I also felt that we were about to head into a time of difficulty, but that God would be with us through it. This is what it is like hearing God. I had seen that fence and that flag many times. I had heard a piano in the distance before. But when you learn to hear in that place of love, you can tell when He is speaking, and can hear what He is saying.

When you learn how much God loves you, and learn to hear in that place, you will hear how much He loves another person in that same place, and you will know what He wants to say to them.

I should also mention that I have never heard God speak harshly. I have heard Him be very serious, but never NEVER condeming. I do not believe people who declare doom and judgement over people know God at all. I think they are speaking from their own negative soul. When God speaks correction to someone, it sounds like this... "If you keep doing this particular thing, these bad things will happen as a natural result of those actions. But if you let me love you, and show you a different path, I will lead you into fulfillment and hope you cant imagine." In my experience, when it comes to correction, this is how you know if you are hearing God... If there is a path to redemtion through love, it is much more likely that you're hearing God. If it is condeming, and final, it is not Him. God's heart is the heart of a Father. A father that wants the best for you. And He does not abuse, does not demand under threat of violence. He is patient, kind, keeps no record of wrongs, and wants you to succeed.

These are the things Ive seen. Take them or leave them.

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