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Anatomy of the State


In light of recent events, I am increasingly aware of just how much I have come to distrust the concept of a centralized State. This may difficult to understand, particularly for those of us in America who love our country, and have come to believe that Democracy is the pinacle of liberty, but more and more I see the inevitable tyranny that comes from the rule of the majority.

Rather than try to break through the life long programming many of us have experienced in regard to the supposed inherent liberty provided by the Democratic State, I will offer instead Murray Rothbards "Anatomy of the State" in audiobook form, with the suggestion that you just listen to it with an open mind. Some of it you may disagree with, but the ideas are worth considering. As authoritarian tyranny seems to be rearing its ugly head again in our lifetime, it is worth understanding how this emerges, and perhaps how we can take steps to limit its growth.

Listen or download: Anatomy of the State.mp3

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