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A Growing Peace...

There is a growing peace in my life.

This is God centered first, but the path we are being led down, and the choices we've have had an effect.

Last year, I deleted all of my big tech accounts. I also moved to older, repairable hardware, and open operating systems, moved all crypto to offline hardware.

Over the summer, I transitioned most of my digital footprint to self hosted alternatives. email, my own self hosted metasearch engine (called searx), my own git server for sharing files, and an xmpp server for self hosted encrypted messaging.

At the begining of summer, we moved onto our own property, and have been entirely offgrid since. We grew our first garden, cooked outside alot, and in my opinion, had one of the most meaningful summers ive ever had.

There is such peace. There are war drums in the distance of the world. I know its happening. And there will be times to engage it. But right now.... the peace. The sweet, blessed peace...

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